Former English Defence League pioneer Tommy Robinson has appeared in court because of his legal struggle to prevent being prohibited from England football matches. The real name of robinson, whose, supported his nationality along with his specifics as English since he seemed at Luton Magistrates Court. He was caught on camera glancing at a man who had been knocked in the Nations League semi-final. Bedfordshire Police are working in an attempt to hand him a football. The arrangement would see him barred from attending England matches in the UK and abroad. Following the incident in Portugal, widely circulated social media, Robinson claimed he acted in self-defence. A banning order is being sought by the civil case under the Football Spectators Act 1989. The case was adjourned till January 17 and the hearing had been set for March 24. District Judge Leigh Smith told Robinson:I will adjourn this issue to January 17 if you will appear before court for a further case management hearing. You arent the subject of criminal proceedings. There is not any dilemma of bond. Youre free to move. Read more here: