Right handle La’el Collins has agreed to some five-year contract expansion with the Dallas Cowboys. According to sources, the price includes $35m guaranteed, which is the amount from the league for a proper tackle. Despite Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott and trio Dak Prescott looking for paydays of their own – with the holdout of Elliott looking like it will continue in the year – yet another newcomer that was young was locked up by that the Cowboys by extending Collins’ deal and solidifying their offensive line. In August, they handed out a five-year, $64m contract into linebacker Jaylon Smith. 26, collins, signed as an undrafted free agent from LSU following NFL teams passed him in the draft times after he had been questioned in the murder of a former girlfriend – although not being a suspect. From the time the investigation showed Collins was not involved, he had been already a member of the Cowboys’ roster, registering a three-year, ” 1.5m contract. Owner Jerry Jones asserted to redo that initial deal, and followed through with a two-year, $15.4m contract in 2017. Collins began his NFL career at guard but has tipped the line’s side as a bookend to All-Pro Tyron Smith on the left side. Read more here: http://tsllibya.com/?p=18323