The first round of Democratic Primary Presidential debates Have Been slated for Wednesday and Thursday (Jun. 26 & 27)

Bovada has released a succession of prop wagers An sets the pub at 45.5 as to how frequently Donald Trump’s name will be cited The 2020 US Presidential election is still 17 months off but the race actually begins to heat up next week, together with the initial round of Democratic Main debates. NBC has chosen to split up the large field of candidates to back-to-back discussions on June 26th and 27th, with 10 candidates in each session. Bovada has published a string of prop wagers related to the Democratic Main debates. Considering that it seems you can’t open anything to do with US politics without needing something about President Donald Trump, the Donald plays a very prominent part in these types of props. Can Trump Be A Focus? What’s the only thing which makes Trump more happy than talking about himself? Hearing others talk about him. Bovada supposes that you’ll be hearing a great deal of references to Trump through the first round of Democratic Main debates. The sportsbook is offering an O/U bet on Trump cites during the debates, setting 45.5 as the complete. Read more here: