Our partners utilize technology, such as cookies, and collect browsing info to supply you with the ideal experience and to personalise the information and advertisements. Please let us know whether you agree. By Simon Stone BBC Sport The organiser of the International Champions Cup has started a case against US soccer authorities – a move that would bring the chance of Premier League matches being played in the USA. Relevent Sports tried to arrange a La Liga game between Barcelona and Girona in January however, the plan was scrapped in the face of resistance. It subsequently attempted to host an Ecuadorian league game in the US about 5 May, but that also was blocked by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), although Relevent said it had secured a stadium for the fixture and had obtained written approval by the Ecuador’s league and its national institution, in addition to the regional body. In court papers lodged in New York,” Relevent asserts the USSF is acting in an anti-competitive way. It says the USSF allows the Mexican Super Cup along with also the Campeon de Campeones to be played in California. These matches are organised with a rival game promoter, Soccer United Marketing (SUM). The Major League Soccer clubs own collectively SUM also has exclusive rights to advertise the men’s and women teams of that the USA – its close relationship with all the USSF is the subject of circumstances. No date was set to be heard. Relevent says world governing body Fifa’s stated position that no national league matches should be played in different countries is an opinion, not a regulation. Relevant is adamant its goal is only to host annually to three or two La Liga games in the US, even though the organisation’s charismatic executive chairman Charlie Stillitano has said he’d relish the opportunity to market Premier League games in the country. In addition, it has noticed that US sports Major League Baseball and the NFL , have played regular season games in England to crowds. The Premier League has previously said it does not have any plans to schedule matches outside England. An global round – the match – was proposed in 2008 but two years later said the Premier League said that it was no more being considered. The USSF declined to comment on Relevant’s current action but referred to a statement issued when there was a preceding law suit received in April. In it, it stated:”When Relevent asked to host a competitive league game in Miami between two Ecuadorean clubs, their application went through our inspection process for international match approval, which we run on the over a hundred applications we receive annually from dozens of promoters. “As a part of this review process, we achieved to the Ecuadorean Soccer Federation and [South American Football Confederation] Conmebol to validate whether they were conscious that the proposal involved a competitive league match. As of today, we’ve yet to be given a response to this inquiry. “At precisely exactly the identical timewe reached out to Fifa and verified that the Fifa Council’s October 2018 confirmation stating’the athletic principle that league matches should be played within the land of their respective member association’.” Luis Manfredi, the chief executive of the Ecuadorian league, was used to work for the Spanish team and it is suggested by some that present La Liga president Javier Tebas, considered the driving force behind the plan to host a Spanish league game in the USA, is using connections inside the club to check the recent regulations. Evil Expert: Watch dead famous Folks Get latest scores and headlines delivered to your phone, and also find out where to find us on online. The rumours and tales from the world of soccer. Evaluation and comment from our main football writer. How to enter football – the most popular sport in the world, throughout the united kingdom with facilities and clubs. Read more here: http://darmex.lublin.pl/pl/ufc-218-holloway-vs-aldo-ii-betting-odds/