(CNN) — It isn’t an everyday occurrence that a baseball pitcher receives a standing ovation from the audience when they earn their way into the mound. But Cleveland Indians celebrity Carlos Carrasco needed the 4,000-plus fans at the Canal Park in their toes of Akron as he stepped from the bullpen in the sixth inning and jogged on the field. The warm reception of carrasco was because he was creating his first little league rehabilitation appearance. “It feels good because people were behind me the whole way,” Carrasco told the MLB website. “From day until today.” READ: If you build it… White Sox and Yankees to perform ‘Field of Dreams’ film website in Iowa A surprising comeback The Venezuelan overlooked the whole 2012 MLB season after undergoing Tommy John surgery — ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction. And on his path to come back out of his leukemia identification, Indians manager Terry Francona said last week, Carrasco pitched around 90-93 miles per hour in a simulated game. However, the demonstrated he had even more in the tank as on the first pitch of his assignment in Akron. Carrasco fired at a 97 mph which amazed himself. “You know everything, it seems great because the first time coming back in 2 and a half an hour without baseball and just a couple bullpens, possibly three or four bullpens, and the very first pitch is 97 [mph],” Carrasco said. “Right away, I return to the scoreboard because I only wanted to find out what was pitch, and it was 97 miles and it feels great. “I was surprised because all my pitches were way different than previously. My changeup, too.” READ: David Ortiz calls for his physicians, nurses and nurses’a few of the best teammates I have ever had’ Returning to the large time His ventures also have left him a beloved figure there if Carrasco performances made him hot in Cleveland. With the support of his wife the Venezuelan set up the Carlos Carrasco Foundation which funds early childhood education in Cleveland and back home in Venezuela. Francona said the plan was to keep Carrasco onto a reliever’s plan to facilitate him back to baseball and finally back in Cleveland Saturday. “I think when he started thinking about establishing as a rookie, it kind of seemed somewhat daunting, a little far away,” the manager said. But following an outing that included 11 of the 16 pitches clocking at 94 mph or greater, the yield of Carrasco could be earlier rather than later. Go to CNN.com/game for features, more information, and videos “I’m ready to proceed,” additional Carrasco. “We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to check out what’s the next step.” Read more here: http://tsllibya.com/?p=18057