Brighton have resisted a supporter for a discriminatory social media article. The Twitter post – which has since been deleted – included remarks and has been made in one of Brighton’s fan-run websites’ account. Having been made aware of the message and receiving complaints Brighton are known to have contacted the band on the day of the match, Saturday to have the article. Brighton have now taken stern actions. A team statement on Friday afternoon study:”Brighton & Hove Albion have now excluded a fan indefinitely after a social media article created in the aftermath of last weekend’s game at Manchester City. “The exclusion follows numerous complaints from fans that discovered the article to be discriminatory. “The club’s stance about all forms of discrimination is clear, it’s summarized in our club charter, and that we just will not tolerate any type of discrimination – either in person, via social media or any other sort. “We have reported this event to Sussex Police, as have many others, and for that reason the club is likely to make no further comment at this point.” Read more here: