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We have obtained data on withdrawal instances using our own gaming expertise at the online sportsbooks we examine, as well as exhaustively exploring each sportsbook’s financial terms and conditions. Not merely are the payout occasions we record accurate, but they may be confirmed with these sportsbooks’ customer service departments. We feel that it needs to be mentioned that representatives from each took no more than 24 hours to respond to some queries we had about the withdrawal process. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong once you’re withdrawing, then your sportsbook customer service will assist you with any issues you might have. Why the Best Matters The main part of selecting a sportsbook is its own reputation. A long history of solvency — as well as a consistently high bar for customer support — constantly counts more than anything else. If you are employing an unlicensed sportsbook, you simply can not acquire precise information regarding withdrawal timelines. They could promote lightning-quick payouts, but remember: When it is too good to be true, it generally is. Only licensed sportsbooks pride themselves in financial transparency, striving to set certain expectations for their bettors. Regardless of Method, You Have To Confirm Your Identity Before Withdrawing At every sportsbook we examine and recommend to sports bettors, you’ll be asked to verify your identity before successfully receiving your initial withdrawal. Rest assured, you’ll simply be asked to do so after. If you have any questions as to why you are expected to confirm your identity — and also how to go about the identity verification procedure — check out our comprehensive guide on the topic. Read more here: http://tsllibya.com/?p=17941