This is actually the year for ABC’s reality series. –NFL was the knockout 24 winner. Ancing With The Stars’ 6 will broadcast on October 16, 2017. I have observed lots of occasions this year that it’s a waste of time for any other’Dancing with the Stars’ contestant to function the’sympathy angle’ using Victoria Arlen from the field. Nothing they can come up with will top Arlen–how can you beat”I was in a vegetative state for four years and just discovered how to walk “? It was on full screen in Episode 5 of’Dancing with the Stars’ which had the theme’Most Memorable Year’. While there were several favorable’memorable years’ that the DWTS producers might also have titled it’Here is *my* sob story’. Again, I’m not attempting to denigrate anything anyone else was through but the fact remains that from an emotional standpoint every other contestant is placing a flush onto the table while Arlen is holding a four of a kind. After the previous episode that had no elimination in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting this episode was fairly eventful. Derek Fisher was removed. I’d’D-Fish’ since the first contestant to get shown the door this season and his removal is hard to argue with looking at the scores. He has the next lowest average score (20.0) although him turning in his very best score of the season (23) he hasn’t shown much improvement week to week. So’D-Fish’ is gone and Nick Lachey could be next to follow him outside the door. It is difficult to think how tentative and uneasy he seems. It’s even harder to believe that one sportsbook had him set up as the pre-season favored according to this tenuous logic: Nick was in a 1990’s’boy band’ called 98 Degrees. 1990’s ‘boy bands’ used to dance around on stage. 98 Degrees had a reasonable quantity of popularity. Ergo, Nick knows how to dance, will be comfortable in front of a crowd and have a lot of fan support. To be fair, there are many from the public that had the exact same rationale but they’re not in the business of taking bets. In other improvements –Terrell Owens continues to improve and is starting to exhibit the swagger and charm he needed on the soccer field. Jordan Fisher was awarded the first’10’ score of the year and ended with the greatest overall score this season (29). Maks Chmerkovskiy returned to the show after missing a week due to’personal reasons’ that may or may not have been heat with his star partner Vanessa Lachey. We also learned that Frankie Muniz has taken more shots to the dome compared to Sidney Crosby. Nick Lachey clearly cannot catch a break right now–he spoke about how happy he’s been married to his current wife and what does he get for it? He gets trolled by Jessica Simpson lovers. Wait, she has fans?