Welcome to TSL company for Importing Banknote Counter Machines and electrical and electronic equipments Ltd, we are looking forward to provide a good services to our clients.


Technical systems limited (TSL) is a company for importing a banknote  counter machines and other electrical and electronic equipments supplies. It is a wholesaler approved by Libyan authorities; TSL imports equipments from different companies like Hitachi, Kisan and Kobotech. Further, TSL offers promotion and distribution products to different banks and different companies in many Libyan cities.

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Hitachi iH-110

  • Reliable ,intelligent, precise and multi-functional sorter that provides a board selection of option.
  • It uses image processing technology to recognize banknotes and discriminate denominations.
  • Full color dual CIS sensor/can be scanned 10 different images.
  • The 2-pocket design, with a stacker and a reject pocket, allows the IH110 to count and off-sort without stopping.
  • Having a reject pocket allows operators to perform daily cash-processing jobs without any interruption.

K2-Compact 1+1 Pocket Value Counter

  • High speed & effective counter.
  • 4.3″ touch screen, and intuitive user interface ensure easy navigation and smooth operation.
  • Able to autodetect and process up to 7 currencies at once.
  •  Auto batch function.
  •  Multiple sorting modes.
  •  Sorts to ATM fit standards.
  •  Facility to connect to cash management systems.

K5-Pocket Desktop high speed Fitness Sorter

  • 5 Pocket Fitness Sorter.
  • It is tailor-made model for back office and CIT(Cash in Transit).
  • Single Path fitness Sorting with Face & Orientation.
  • One Touch Open Structure.
  • Multi scan technolgy.
  • Serial Number Recognition.

ST-150 2-Pocket Currency Sorter

  • High-speed image processing.
  • Advanced sensor technologies.
  •  Remote monitoring system by smart integration manager.
  •  User-Friendly system.
  • Available up to 10 currencies.
  • Accurate serial number      recognition.

ST-350 series

  • High resolution dual CIS.
  • Capture and Record of OCR.
  • Highly visible 7” Full color touch screen.
  • Multi currency fitness sorter and banknote counter.
  • Advance counterfeit detection.
  • User friendly system.
  • Connect with SIM link.

Kobotech Lince-600

  • Have a two CIS image including IR detection.
  • Non-stop counting with reject pocket.
  • Value counter by image sensor technology.
  • Mixed denomination counting note counter.
  • Authentication function.              strengthened by IR/UV/MG.
  • Face and Orients banknotes.
  • Connect with SIM link.
  • Low noise with counting.

8672KOBOT- Bill Money Counting Machine

  •  Dimensions: 262mm X 275mm X 260mm/290mm(Max).
  • Net Weight: 5.0kgs.
  • Size of countable note: 55mm X 110mm ~ 90mm X 190mm
  • Counting speed:1500,1200,1000,800pcs/min.
  • Hopper capacity:600  sheets .
  •  Stacker capacity:200 sheets.
  • Counting number display:7 Digits LCD.
  • Batch size display:3 Digits LCD.